Effects Of Tobacco On Oral Health

Tobacco smoking can be one major cause of tooth loss and tooth decay. The reason is simple when you smoke, more tartar is developed on your teeth than that of the non-smokers’. This prolonged growth of tartar leads to periodontal or gum disease as well as tooth-related complications.

The major ways smoking affects your oral health are:

  1. Growth of plaque and tartar
    Saliva flow in the mouth is affected by tobacco smoking, which helps the oral bacteria to stay stuck with teeth and gums. Bacteria-laden plaque also grows along the gum line and teeth. This substance gradually becomes hard and starts to live right where it developed. It is three times more likely for a smoker to develop teeth or gums related disease. Even smokeless tobacco products irritate the oral mouth significantly.
  2. Blood circulation is interfered
    Smoking creates trouble in blood circulation which leads to the weakening of gum tissues, causing infection in the oral cavity. This situation is even troublesome for the recovery of any kind of oral surgery.
  3. Oral cancer
    Major infections and restriction in blood flow lead to oral cancer that is no doubt becomes a deadly disease for the patient.
  4. Change of breath
    Foul smell of mouth is majorly caused by bad diet and smoking or chewing tobacco.

If you are a regular smoker, then keep these side effects of tobacco smoking and chewing in mind. Make sure you go for a regular check-up to your dentist and maintain good oral health. At Light Lane Dental Practice in Coventry, cancer screening is available for smokers and non-smokers.

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