Benefits of White Fillings

If the decayed or unhealthy tooth is not treated and filled, then they spread to the healthy tooth affecting them the same way. To stop your healthy teeth from becoming unhealthy, fillings are done. White fillings in Coventry is beneficial in many ways. It costs less and looks better than the other types of fillings.

Some advantages are:

  1. Stability
    Very little of the tooth structure is removed while placement so the natural teeth can be preserved. For this reason, the filling bonds with the natural tooth. This is how the process helps the decayed tooth to get additional stability.
  2. Free from metal
    As white fillings do not require any metal the side effects of this filling are almost null.
  3. Protection
    Unlike other amalgam fillings, white fillings are never affected by any change in temperature. Hence, they don’t contract or expand and your mouth stays free from all the additional worries.
  4. Versatility
    All the cheaped, broken, worn, decayed, and unhappened teeth can be cured with white fillings. It repairs almost everything!
  5. Appearance
    Composite fillings look just like natural teeth. This benefit is not offered by silver or black fillings. In white fillings, the colors are blended so well that it gives a seamless finish. To get the perfect attractive front teeth, these fillings can be the top choice.

If you would like to know more about white fillings or would want to consider the replacement of any existing metal fillings, get in touch with us at

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