Did You Know Alcohol And Tobacco Can Damage Oral Health?

Do you know that any amount of alcohol affects your mouth and overall oral health? Liquor abuse is the second most basic danger factor in the escalation of oral disease, second just to tobacco use. Heavy drinkers also have an increased risk of periodontal disease tooth rot, tooth misfortune, and mouth sores.

Even moderate consumption of alcohol can harm your teeth in some way or the other. In the event that you’ve ever glanced in the mirror after a glass or two of red wine, you may know about its staining impacts. Like espresso, a few alcohols add to the staining of your teeth.

You may have heard that utilizing liquor based chemicals dries out your skin. Something very similar is valid with your mouth. Liquor has a drying impact on your mouth which leaves microorganisms sitting on your teeth with no saliva to wash them off.

However, on the other hand, tobaccos can straightaway cause oral cancer. Cigarette smokers are more likely to develop oral cancer than non-smokers. Smoking cigarette debilitates your body’s safe framework, which thus gives the microscopic organisms command over your mouth.

Besides, life-threatening health ailments, smoking causes your teeth to look discoloured and dull. Moreover, chewing tobacco or smoking pushes a person to become less receptive to taste and thus develops chronic bad breath.

Vices such as alcohol and tobacco should therefore be avoided to maintain good oral health. Most people across the globe know about the side effects of consuming tobaccos yet they strangely choose to ignore the warnings. Experts and healthcare professionals have long been warning about the dangers of addictive tobacco and alcohol consumption. It’s high time that you take the charge of your own life and maintain life’s equilibrium.

Find out how alcoholic beverages affect your teeth by getting in touch with our dentists at Light Lane Dental Practice.

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