Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are suitable for people who have gaps between their teeth, teeth overcrowding in their mouth or to improve an improper bite (malocclusion). They are similar to metal braces except for the fact that they attach to the back of the teeth rather than the front, rendering them virtually invisible. This is a major plus for anybody who is self-conscious about wearing braces and wants to be more confident about wearing them. Lingual braces are extremely popular because you receive all the benefits of brace technology without them being on show and anybody knowing that you are wearing them. Through wearing lingual braces you will start to see the improvement in both the alignment and structure of your teeth and your appearance will start to transform throughout the process.

  • Virtually invisible and nobody will know your wearing them
  • Ideal if you are self-conscious about wearing braces
  • Custom-made to suit your mouth.

The invisibility of lingual braces cannot be under-estimated when it comes to giving you the self confidence to wear them. All of our lingual braces will be custom-made to suit your mouth and you will barely notice that they are there. Lingual braces are particularly good if you happen to play a wind instrument or are involved in contact sports because they will not get in the way of the activity. Lingual braces are engineered to work together perfectly to deliver high quality results. Each bracket pad and body will conform precisely to the dental anatomy of your mouth giving you maximum comfort and when they are placed behind your teeth, they are virtually impossible to see, making them far less obstructive and making you far more confident.

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