Zygomatic Dental Implants

Many people are missing their upper teeth completely. Therefore, many are wearing full or partial dentures. Unfortunately, wearing dentures makes the supporting bones in the jaw become weaker over time. The jawbone mass reduces. The dentures become loose and need repeated re-adjusting.

More and more people are seeking a comfortable and permanent solution for their missing teeth. It is possible to replace a full arch of teeth with four implants. Though dental implants are the gold standard for replacing missing teeth, it is important to have ample jawbone mass for a strong and lasting placement of implants in the mouth. For those patients who have had infections, or who lost their teeth at a young age, or those who have been wearing dentures for a long time, it can happen that there is not enough jawbone mass available to anchor the implants into the native bone.

To help patients with this problem, there is the technique of Zygomatic Implants that was developed in the late 90’s. Instead of the jawbone, the cheek bones (medical term: zygomatic bones) are used to anchor implants. Without having to go through the costly procedure of bone grafting for generating more bone mass, which takes months, Zygomatic Implants can provide an immediate solution. The implants can be placed the very same day and the new teeth for the whole upper jaw can be attached onto the implants in a single sitting.

Patients can have functional and aesthetically pleasing new teeth in a single appointment. Zygomatic Implants have changed the way patients with increased bone loss can receive teeth replacement in a speedy manner to restore their self-esteem and their smile with functioning new teeth.

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Watch: David’s experience with Dental Implants with Dr Chetan Mathias.

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