Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth Without Delay

Many people are not aware that there are important reasons for replacing a missing tooth. This is even more true if more than one tooth has been lost. Losing a tooth whether it’s a front tooth or a molar can have serious consequences if it is not addressed as soon as possible. Whenever a tooth is missing it is advised to look at different options to replace it.

Do not guess the best treatment course of action for yourself, after you lose one or more teeth. The best option is to discuss the matter with your dentist and seek advice on the most suitable tooth replacement options for your personal situation.

Reasons for replacing missing teeth quickly

Jawbone Shrinkage After Losing Teeth 
Once a tooth goes missing, the bone in the region of the missing tooth will start to shrink. This happens over a period of time and the bone shrinkage depends on various factors. Replacing the gap of a missing tooth with a dental implant in Coventry requires a minimum amount of bone in order for the procedure to take place. If not enough bone is present, then a bone grafting procedure will be required. With that, what would have originally been a simple implant treatment, will now need to be a more complex treatment.

Change In Chewing Action After Tooth Loss
Chewing actions in the mouth gets altered as a result of missing teeth. The remaining teeth present in the mouth need to compensate for the loss of tooth and still perform the chewing function as best as possible. This can result in added pressure on the residual teeth and can cause further tooth problems to arise in the remaining healthy teeth.

Shifting Of Teeth
Over time, a person’s smile can change due to teeth adjusting and drifting to fill the gap of the missing tooth. When this happens, the distance between the teeth changes and small gaps appear in between the teeth. This can shift the midline and can also cause the slanting of teeth – which can lead to oral health complications that are best avoided.

Older Appearance
Finally, missing teeth can change one’s facial appearance due to sunken cheeks. As a result one can look older than one’s actual age. This can cause issues with one’s self-confidence in social settings and at work.

All the problems, whether big or small, arising from missing teeth can be avoided by replacing them quickly. Or if complications have begun to happen from teeth lost some time ago, then obtaining a corrective treatment is important to restore the health of your teeth.

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