Know More About Cosmetic Dentistry

For correcting discoloured, stained, worn, chipped, misaligned, broken, misshapen, and gapped teeth, modern cosmetic dentistry has come a long way. It can give you a bright smile along with a fighting fit dental health.

A treatment plan is developed that is agreed with the patient and then followed in the “smile makeover” treatment by the cosmetic dentist.

Here are some of the most common types of cosmetic dental procedures:

Dental Veneers
Dental veneers are custom made shells. They are wafer-thin and tooth coloured. Veneers cover the front surface of the teeth. These are helpful in giving your teeth a better shape, length, size, and colour.

Teeth Whitening
This is one of the simplest ways of improving the smile. It can be done both at home or the clinic as per the dentist’s recommendations. In this process of teeth whitening, the teeth are bleached and cleaned to make it look whiter and brighter.

Dental Crown
A dental crown or a cap is used to replace the entire damage or decay of the tooth above the gum line. Crowns restore the shape, size, appearance, and strength of the affected tooth. It also helps in keeping the weak tooth from breaking down.

Dental Bonding
A durable plastic material is applied in tooth bonding. The material is trimmed, shaped, and polished after it is applied. It repairs decayed, chipped, misshapen, or cracked teeth. Dental bonding can be considered as a replacement for silver fillings.

Dental Implants
These are titanium replacement tooth roots that are inserted into the bone sockets where the tooth is missing. A dental implant is anchored into the jaw and securely holds the tooth, preventing the root to decay.

If you are concerned about your smile and are seeking the help of a cosmetic dentist in Coventry with modern equipment and procedures, you may want to get an appointment with Dr Chetan Mathias at Verum Cosmetic Dentists.

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